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How to Clean Your Carpet

Are you unfamiliar with carpet cleaning? You just found your greatest help. There are a lot of articles and videos showing different methods of cleaning the carpet. You have to start with the carpet cleaning guide for beginners.


Stain is not the only reason you will clean the carpet. Carpet cleaning should be done regularly. The carpet needs to be cleaned at least once a week especially on areas frequently stepped on. Dust and dirt often build up on the carpet so using a vacuum is a good cleaning procedure. It can keep your carpet in great condition for a very long time. This is the best protection you can provide for the fibers of your carpet. The appearance of the carpet is affected and germs and bacteria can populate on it if you do not clean the carpet regularly. For an organized cleaning procedure, clean the carpet by quadrants. Baking soda can help neutralize the odor on the carpet. Do not rush the vacuuming process so you can remove all the dust from the carpet. Vacuum each area at least a couple of times.


The right cleaning procedure depends on the type of carpet you have. You can find carpets made from wood, plant fibers, cotton and even silk. Bleach is not suitable for wood carpet and need heat during cleaning.


You do not have to stick on the traditional water moisture for carpet cleaning. The market offers a variety of carpet cleaning products. You have to make sure that the bacteria, dirt and stains are completely removed when cleaning the carpet.


You can use hot water extraction for a lot of carpets. However, professional San Antonio Upholstery Cleaning services do not recommend this method. The main procedure is to heat the carpet for suspending the dust. The dust are removed from the carpet through cleaning agent injection. For quick drying, heat or fan is introduced to the carpet.


Carpets can also be cleaned using dry extraction method. Chemicals are still used but without the water when cleaning the carpet. It is finished by a vacuum to remove the particles and chemicals from the carpet. For efficient cleaning, it is recommended to hire a professional cleaner.


There is a risk of damaging the carpet if you do not use stain cleaners or odor removal products properly. You can also use soil retardants on your new carpet. Do not use soil retardants unless you got the right equipment and learn the necessary technique. Avoid careless rubbing on the stain as it could permanently smear the carpet. Rubbing can also make the fibers brittle. Stains will last unless you use the correct cleaning procedure. A common issue is having the stain reappearing on the carpet even if removed during cleaning. An effective cleaning method at is using a thick cloth on the stained portion with a heavy object above it and removed on the next day.